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We are the nobodies, wanna be somebodies… agosto 26, 2006

Posted by Felipe "Dero" in You and Me.

Damn, what we gonna do now? Sometimes we make some necessary shit to really know who we are, who your best friend is and another things.
We stay drunk, we smoked, we’ve talk about a lot of things, stuffs ‘nd stuffs….we discovery who we are to me, to him, for her, for everyone stay together with us on that fucking moment.
For some peoples that’s a lot of shits, a lot of non-sense words, ‘but’, for “The Nobodies” or me, dré, coy and a lot of persons doesn’t.
We understand some “Why’s” and another questions, got it? For a moment a don’t understand the why i’m doing this? Why my nose smells like cigar, Why my body is rejecting everything what i try do? Why we do a lot of things we’ve gonna do last night? Why Dré kissed two girls? Why I kiss two girls? Why we’ve get in a strange car and by a little bit we don’t go to RJ?
I’ve seen the reality, i learn who’s my real friend, who is the real friends, the real persons, the real life, i’ve don’t sit on my pc for a couple of days, I’ve learn what and who we are. Now i have a girlfriend, a older “ressucited” best fucking friend.
The others needs to understand, we need live, to do something, to be someone. Fuck off all the wrong words, the wrong sentences, all of this post, FUCK OFF! This message is just for some persons, just for who knows what we’ve passed last night and learn with me, “We are lovers, we are brothers, we are friends, now, we just need to look to the future and see the “Summanus Pub Café” running to the sucess, we making everything to stay happy and living….no more a Lonely Penguim Life.

Thank You Dré, Thank You Jin, Thank You Coy, Thank You Paula, Thank You Márcia, Thank You Patty, Thank You Jimmy, Thank You Mom, Thank You Dero…Thank You Life…”No More” a Lonely Penguim Life…

I can feel my right hand now, i don’t no why….but tomorow has comes….and i know, i’m feel good(inc).




1. Jin - outubro 21, 2006


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