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Sing Along With Me, Cold Lady. março 15, 2007

Posted by Felipe "Dero" in Anyway, Penguim.

By Dero Litchfield;

piano The streets are cold, it’s one a.m., all the sluts are working, the ‘family-housewives’ are sleeping or putting her childs on bed, but, one woman, one special lady are playing a lonely piano at the Santa’Marcus Bar. I ever like to get inside that place, actualy, i’m a little bit drunk, and, i’ve enter there inside, at the S’M Bar.
She wears a white dress, driking a red wine and playing a strange, anonymous songs, atreg12-lg.jpg
her piano. I wa. through the bar, i take a sit, call the barman, he ask’s what i want, i said:
“Walker please, Johnny Walker Blue Label, double dose, with ice and lemon”.
That’s my favorite one, and she still playing her song, she finished her wine nad asks for more, always have some “prick punks” looking at her, unbelivable, she’s the only woman in five miles away, wakes right now, drinking and doing bar people stuffs.

I’ve drink my scoth, the five one in all night, i think, i’m drunk, but, drunk or not, i still conscient of everything what i’m doing, listen her music, looking just to her.
The guys are leaving the bar, leaving slowly, but leaving…and…at the end of the night, will be you and me.
Some hours has pass, i still looking at her, the only diference now, she knows who i am, and she knows i still looking at her, she’s at the fifth wine, just have her, me and the neighbour of the bar, drunk, but still there…much more drunk than me, i certify you!
The security people of the bar put the drunk guy ove the street, finaly, is just us in the bar.

I jump over my sit, pay the barman and starts to walk right through the piano. She looks to me, and i stop. I don’t know what i’ll say, so, before i say anything, she gets the lead and asks:
“Hi strange guy…what’s your name?”
am frozen, nothing more put off my mouth, she makes another question.
“Ok! If you can’t talk, can i offer you a wine? and…Just to certify, my name is Regina”
I’ve open my mouth, any word spit it out, but my heart starts to talk.
“Errr…Hi, my na-name…errr…is B-Bruce”
“Whoaaaa…he talks, here, your wine…tin-tin!”
“I’ve saw you looking at me all night…”
” S-Sorry, isn’t my intention boring you…”
“Oh!!!…relax dear…”
” So…Regina…”
” Yeah bruce?”
” I love…your hai, your eyes, your…..mouth, I Love Y….”
She breaks him voice…
“Hey Bruce, do you like if i play a special song to you?”
She starts her music, so, after this music, we will know what happens…just on the next step…
“…I Loved You First…I Loved You First…”
is221015.jpg… To Be Continued.



1. Mahzinha - março 15, 2007

Caraaaaaaaaaleeo meeo.. foi komo eu ti faleei.. vai escreve bem assim lah nah pqp***
MtoooOOo fodaaaa…

bjo bjo DeroO…

2. colinha =P - março 15, 2007

eu tinha lidooo
mais tá mt fodaaa
bjuuu dero

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